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  1. Homes should capitalise on solar energy schemes, expert advises

    Property owners should take advantage of solar energy schemes now in order to save money, one group has recommended.

    Since April 2010, there have been almost 90,000 installations of microgeneration

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  2. Could air capture technology be ready for 2018?

    Air capture technology could be ready to install among flue accessories in the UK by 2018, it has been estimated.

    This is the prediction of Britain's Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME),

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  3. People should make home improvements to 'stay warm'

    People should make improvements to their flue accessories in order to remain warm in the winter season, a specialist has advised,

    Measures such as fitting loft and cavity wall insulations can

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  4. Public will realise 'importance of sustainability'

    The importance of sustainability among the flue accessories of homes will become more obvious in the future, a specialist has noted.

    Due to rising gas and electricity bills, people are gradually

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